Your Full Name on YouTube

Start using your full name on YouTube

Why use your Your Full Name on YouTube? So I recently tried to comment on a YouTube video and this is what popped up.

Start using your full name on YouTube
Uh-oh.. I smell trouble brewing.

Your Full Name on YouTube. What’s the big deal? Is this the start of some sinister plan to remove user privacy? or maybe it’s a good move to ensure peace and order. There’s a high probability that it’s both.

Full Name Optional… Or is it?

Right now there is the option to choose I don’t want to use my full name. This probably won’t last for long though.

This is a little reminiscent of how once upon a time, linking your YouTube Account with your Google Account was OPTIONAL, which is not true today. Most of you might be thinking that it’s only a matter of time before this policy becomes the norm, the one true gospel. Anyways, how can YouTube determine if the users aren’t simply using a phony full name?

Pros of a Full Name on YouTube

    • You get to know if a certain YouTube personality is the real deal or a wannabe.
    • Those nasty spammer will have a hard time spreading their awful merchandise.
    • Brave Trolls will have some fear thrust in their hearts.. assuming that trolls have hearts.

Cons of a Full Name on YouTube

    • Do I really want to give out my full name? Really no problem if you don’t mind giving that information and you’re not some criminal on the run.
    • You get the feeling that policing YouTube won’t stop with this stunt.
    • People might get discouraged to upload videos of themselves singing, the shy types at least. Is this a Con?

What I Think

So basically, I think it’s for the good of all. I’m one of those YouTubers who get really irritated by spammers spamming like it’s their birthday. You know the ones, those uploading still-image videos that are less than a minute, just to promote their links. This policy might not stop spammers completely but at least it might lessen spamming activity to tolerable levels. Using your full name on YouTube might not be a bad idea. What do you think?

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