Wax Jambu Propagation – How to Root Cuttings

I’ve always wanted to have my own Wax Jambu Tree. It is also known as the Rose Apple. The fruit itself may taste bland but the tree is an absolute beauty. It looks especially beautiful when the tree is filled with the showy fruits.

Where I’m from—Northern Philippines—Wax Jambu grows abundantly in households near the river. This means I have easy access to cuttings. Last time I asked for some from people trimming their trees. Those cuttings failed to root. I thought I could root it simply by putting it in water as I’ve read on another blog.

I gave it another try and this time it was able to grow roots. I used two methods this time and I think I may have found out the cause of why my first try failed. It may have been because of the water. I repeated the “cuttings in water” propagation. This time I prepared two glasses of water. One from the local utility pipeline. The other from ground water (aquifer).

Makopa Cuttings
Cutting in Water

The cutting on the glass of chlorinated water died. The cutting on glass of ground water is still alive but still has not produced any roots.

I managed to have success with the method below:

Rooting Wax Jambu Cuttings in High Humidity

  • Take cuttings that are 4 to 8 inches long and still green but not too young.
  • Allow 2 to 4 leaves on the cuttings. Trim the leaves in half if they’re too big.
  • Have plastic cups and put some drainage holes in it.
  • Fill the cups with soil or other clean rooting medium (sterilizing may be crucial) *
  • Put the cuttings in the cups then top it with clear plastic to maintain high humidity.
  • Place the cups in a well lit area but not in direct sunlight.

* I used two types of medium, Coconut Coir and Burnt Rice Husk. I sterilized them by heating them in an old sauce pot. Of course, you have to let it cool before using. Both medium were able to root the cuttings successfully.

In my case the cuttings started to show roots within 3 weeks.

My next experiment is to see if it’s better or even necessary to ease the transition of the rooted cuttings from high humidity to normal. For one cup I shall make a tiny opening in the plastic cover so the plant could slowly get used to the outside air. For the other cutting I will just remove the plastic cover completely.

Rooted Wax Jambu

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