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    Art Carey

    Hello, Ron —

    I have been using your Frontier for several years for this website (spednetwilton.org) and have been very pleased with it. Thank you. I am now using the laatest version — without problems — but a few days ago, out of nowhere, I wasn’t able to see any of the coding for any of the pages. The website was otherwise working just fine — anyone could see tits various pages and content.)

    Since I hadn’t made any additions to the website, I contacted the hosting company (Ipage) and the tech person wasn’t able to help and told me that a “higher level” person would take care of it. A few hours later I logged on again and the coding was now visible. Great! However: clicking each page’s Preview button resulted in a blank-screen display. Same with the overall website. (“The White Screen of Death, it’s apparently called.)

    I contacted Ipage again — and eventually was told that the problem was that the theme or plug-in(s) were incompatible with the latest version of WordPress. I didn’t think this was true but I allowed Ipage to roll back the site to the prior version of WordPress.

    I don’t know if they did. They did create a Child version of Frontier — and hte plug-ins have all been deactivated. But still — only white screens, regardless of which device or computer accessses the website.

    Any thoughts?

    Art Carey

    Art Carey

    Problem fixed — switched to 4.47 version of WordPress and installed the generic 2015 theme. Deleted the installed versions of Frontier and Frontier Child. Then downloaded, installed and activated a fresh version of Frontier — and back in business. I won’t update WordPress until I know it’s compatible with the latest Frontier.
    Thanks again, Ron!


    I’ve seen a lot of posts online regarding this issue. I’m using the latest version of WordPress (5.0.3) and I have been experiencing slowdowns on the Post Preview. This seems to be related with the new Gutenberg editor. In my case, clicking the Preview button shows a white page that says “Generating Preview” for an annoying amount of time before the Preview is actually shown.

    Though in your case the preview is completely blank, right? I think it’s most likely related. So we wait until the WP core devs fix this issue. In the meantime what I did was install a plugin that brings back the Classic Editor so I can use the Post Preview correctly.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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