Updated Asteroid Theme, AWEBER Optin Box "Bloated"

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    David Hunter

    So, I wasn’t using child themes so I didn’t update my site to the updated Asteroid theme. Well, I finally updated it and now my AWeber Optin box looks “bloated.” The font is bigger and there’s bigger spaces than what it’s supposed to be (it was fine before the update).

    How can I fix this? I deleted the side widget text box with the AWeber code and put a new one in and it does the same thing (makes everything look bigger).

    Please help!


    The form looks fine to me. If this aweber form looks the same now even when you change to another theme then this is probably the way the form is intended to look like (since the aweber form generates its own css stylings).

    You can try to use css to make the font smaller. Example:

    .af-form-wrapper * {
        font-size: 95%;

    Note: the previous version you’re using (1.0.9) is 10 versions behind the current one which you updated to. With such a huge jump some irregularities are to be expected.

    David Hunter

    Thanks for getting back to me, Ron!

    I guess it’s not the font size. When I compare the preview from AWeber (and how it was on the site before) and the current optin with the updated theme, AWeber’s doesn’t have the huge spacing inbetween lines. Also, the rend optin button pushing the “>” to the next line. It also looks like it may not be as wide as it was before. Ahhhh!

    I could always send you a screenshot so you can see what I’m talking about.

    Thanks again!

    David Hunter

    Ahhh. I just noticed all my opt-ins are spaced funny (end of blog and certain pages).

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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