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    Raymond Brault

    Can you create an option with a check box for no color anyplace where there is a color or image choice so that no color would actually be a transparency rather than white. Now a text box or whatever over any image or background color would show text on a background that is scrolling or not moving. This option would seem to be an option that should be anywhere where there is a color choice. If you check no color it should revert to the underlying image or color chosen for whatever is underneath the object that is giving you the choice of colors
    If this can be done but you don’t want to do it, how much would it cost me to pay you to have it a new option


    The latest update to the theme has new color options and accepts transparent values.
    To do this, you either press the “Clear” button on the color picker
    OR manually type “transparent” in the value field.
    Then click “Save”.

    You don’t need to pay me but if you feel inclined to then I would really appreciate any amount as donation. See the Frontier Options page.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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