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    The Frontier Theme is by far the best looking, most interactive and flexible theme on the web right now. So now that I found the perfect theme for my clients business I am almost ready to go. Before I populate everything, I want to get things running smoothly and had a few questions.

    I am using the Frontier 1.2.4 theme now and I was wondering if I can remove everything below the map on this page and what is involved:

    The specific items I want to delete below the map are:

    leave a reply

    They are not showing on the widgets menu and I want to streamline the look of the pages


    They are not showing on the widgets menu

    The widgets and the layout of your particular page doesn’t seem to be produced by the theme. I suspect they came from a plugin that you are using. You’d have better luck asking the plugin author on how to disable those widgets.

    As for the “Leave a Reply”, that means that the particular post (looks like a custom post from a plugin) accepts comments which can easily be disabled.

    Note: For normal widgets, you can always use Widget Logic to control where the widgets will appear.


    Thank you for the response. I do not get these widgets showing up with other themes so I am wondering why it is different with the Frontier theme. The developer for the Easy Real Estate plugin that generates the pages where the widgets show, said they are not related to the plugin – that they are WordPress widgets and I should check the theme files and comment out a ‘get_sidebar” function.

    You are saying that the widgets are not from the theme, but the plugin.

    The problem is that I use the sidebar successfully on every other page to show a specific widget, so I do not want to comment it out. It looks as if the content is coming from the left sidebar of the template, but I do not have that activated.

    I changed the layout to a left and right sidebar and all of the content that is causing issues seems to be in the left sidebar (which again, is not active on my site), but there are no editable widgets. How can either disable widgets from showing in the left sidebar (pages, archives, categories and search bar) or remove it completely so there is not an option to use it?

    This really is an amazing theme and I would love to keep it.


    The developer for the Easy Real Estate plugin that generates the pages where the widgets show, said they are not related to the plugin

    Here’s a piece of evidence that says otherwise: The exact template that outputs that page’s content. It came from the plugin and it calls for a sidebar.

    If there’s a way to copy that template into a child theme then you may be able to remove that sidebar line and make it work. But this is something the plugin author would know or he may have already documented this somewhere.

    If the author designed the plugin to work with specific themes then you may have to find another theme that’s intended for that particular plugin.


    I had the author of the plugin looking into this because I only experience it with his pages as you have demonstrated as well. Typically, one would copy and rename the archive.php and single.php pages to archive-listing.php and single-listing.php and edit them accordingly. Since your theme does not use these files, he actually made some specific for the Frontier theme to make it show as it should. I really appreciate your help and comments as it made it easier to troubleshoot.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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