Posts in Center is aligning left in Internet Explorer

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    The Frontier template looks great in Firefox and Chrome. In IE the posts are aligning left above the left and right side bars.

    I have tried the Modernizr and that did not change the alignment. What can be done to correct this?




    Without seeing your site there’s no easy way to tell what’s wrong. Just tested the theme with IE and all the layout configs (c, sc, cs, ssc, css, scs) are working fine. Try to check your content (posts, text widgets) you may have some syntax error somewhere (eg. unclosed html tags).


    Barry Richardson

    I have a similar problem with Chrome – my site is aligning posts left in Chrome, with the 2 sidebars pushed below the posts. In Firefox and IE it’s fine.

    Someone in the WP Forum said to add this CSS:…

    #content {
    float: center;

    …but it’s not working in Chrome. How can I test my posts etc. for syntax errors? I have almost 100 posts!



    @Barry Richardson
    I suspect in your case that it has to do with the autoptimize plugin you’re using. Try disabling it first to see if that’s causing your issue.


    Barry R.

    Thanks, Ron – I disabled the Autoptimize plugin but there’s no change – posts/pages are still displaying above the 2 sidebars; I tried refreshing a couple of times after clearing my Chrome browser and plugin cache – still no change. Anything else I can try?


    Barry R.

    UPDATE: I just disabled my “Above the Fold Optimization” plugin and now the site loads correctly in Chrome, FF and IE, so apparently that plugin was causing the posts/pages not to align centre in Chrome. Best regards!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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