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    Janice K

    After updating to WP 4.8 we started getting this error. It doesn’t seem to effect anything on this page at: Any ideas or fixes?

    Failed to load content css: is popping up in the backend when we edit events.

    Do you have a Pro version with more customability?


    The problem is caused on pages being served securely over https because editor-style.css has:

    @import url(,700|Arimo:400,700);

    This means that the ‘secure’ page is trying to load insecure content. All you need to do is change it to https: (an unsecured page won’t care if secured content is loaded) or remove the “http:” entirely in which case it will load the url using which ever protocol the site is using. I.e.:

    @import url(//,700|Arimo:400,700);

    I have changed it in my own installation, but would appreciate it if you could fix it in the next update so that I don’t have to keep changing it or try to make a child to deal with the issue.


    @Sean Ok, will add on next update. Thanks.


    Hi Ron,

    I use the child theme. And since the upgrade I’m getting a huge lot of code at the top of my page. Then, when I try to log into my wordpress admin, it’s blocking me. Here’s the code I get at the top of the page:

    /* WP-Cache Config Sample File See wp-cache.php for author details. */ $wpsc_last_post_update = 1505158940; //Added by WP-Cache Manager $wp_cache_mobile_groups = ''; //Added by WP-Cache Manager $wp_cache_mobile_prefixes = 'w3c , w3c-, acs-, alav, alca, amoi, audi, avan, benq, bird, blac, blaz, brew, cell, cldc, cmd-, dang, doco, eric, hipt, htc_, inno, ipaq, ipod, jigs, kddi, keji, leno, lg-c, lg-d, lg-g, lge-, lg/u, maui, maxo, midp, mits, mmef, mobi, mot-, moto, mwbp, nec-, newt, noki, palm, pana, pant, phil, play, port, prox, qwap, sage, sams, sany, sch-, sec-, send, seri, sgh-, shar, sie-, siem, smal, smar, sony, sph-, symb, t-mo, teli, tim-, tosh, tsm-, upg1, upsi, vk-v, voda, wap-, wapa, wapi, wapp, wapr, webc, winw, winw, xda , xda-'; //Added by WP-Cache Manager $wp_cache_refresh_single_only = '0'; //Added by WP-Cache Manager $wp_cache_make_known_anon = 0; //Added by WP-Cache Manager $wp_cache_mod_rewrite = 0; //Added by WP-Cache Manager

    Any thoughts? Any help would be hugely appreciated.



    It’s says that it’s added by WP-Cache Manager. Try disabling any caching plugins you have (looks like WP Super Cache) and consult with the plugin’s author.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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