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    I love this theme for this site, however, every few days (sometimes more frequently, sometimes less), I will go to the page and instead of the green bar at the top, it will be a blue, the image to the right will appear centered below the blue bar and the remaining page formatting is askew.

    Deactivating all plugins and reactivating them always fixes the problem, but it’s getting old, and I only work for this project 2 days a week so that means it can go 5-6 days in a poor format if I don’t check it daily.

    Are there known plugin conflicts with Frontier? I am using the following plugins:
    >attention grabber by conversion heights
    >contact bank eco edition
    >custom menu wizard
    >display you tube videos (I just added this)
    >disqus comment system
    >easy sign up
    >events manager
    >floating social media icon
    >google analytics dashboard for wp
    >jquery vertical accordian menu
    >nrelate related content
    >wordpress seo
    >wp super cache

    This has been an ongoing problem for months, basically since I installed the plugin. I’ve obviously added plugins as I’ve gone along. The first couple of times I had this problem, I would deactivate and reactivate the plugins one at a time, but found nothing, so that is why I tried doing them all at once. It always fixes the problem, so I know the conflict is within the theme/plugin relationship somewhere.

    I wish I had taken a picture of what the site looks like when it’s out of whack. Sorry.


    You’ve posted the same question a few months ago which I replied to here:

    The theme has no plugin conflicts that I know of.
    Is this the blue bar you’re describing?

    If yes, then same as my reply on the linked comment, just deactivate the mobile theme module on your Jetpack plugin.

    If I were to guess then I think your issue is caused by using both Jetpack’s Mobile Module and your caching plugin (wp-super-cache).

    It asked me for the URL but then it doesn’t seem to show it.

    It’s not visible on the front-end but I can still see the URL you entered.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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