Mobile CSS not rendering in Frontier

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    I just tried out the wordpress theme Frontier, and I have it set up just how I want it, and all looks good on my desktop browser.

    When I visit the site on my android phone, whether in Chrome or Firefox, the CSS seems to go missing, and the header displays (I had it disabled in desktop), text and colors don’t display correctly, etc.



    I can see that you’re using W3TC plugin. It looks like it’s removing the theme’s CSS but is not outputting the minified version.
    Check W3TC minify settings.



    Thanks, that worked:)



    My wordpress site with Frontier them used to minify for mobile phones but stopped. I don’t know when since I usually don’t check it on the mobile phone and someone told me. I am using W3TC and checked the minify settings and they seem to be correct. Minify is enabled in auto mode and the other settings are the default. I’m not sure what else to check and need help. Thanks.



    Make sure you didn’t disable the theme’s responsiveness for smaller screens.

    Frontier -> Options Misc -> Disable Responsive Layout

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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