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    Great skin this and I am doing quite a bit of customisation for a client at the moment.
    I am having 1 or two issues.
    I have put a flash movie below the menu bar, in FF its fine but in IE and Opera the drop downs are behind the flash movie.
    Tried altering the Z-Index’s of these to no avail?
    Also the flash animation works fine on the home page but on ANY other page it doesn’t show, only the adobe flash player required/update logo??
    I am using a child theme and copied the header.php into it and added a script at the top in the head for flash and placed the movie at the bottom in its own div.
    Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.
    Website link



    Hi again,
    I hope this may help someone out as i have fixed the menus disappearing behind the flash animation.
    I used swfobject_generator.air to generate my code for the .swf movie (I used to add it by hand in dreamweaver). You do get a lot of options in swfobject_generator.air and one of them is wmode option. This enables background transparency and the menu now works in ie, FF and opera, missed it as it is a hidden menu under more link in the SWF Definition box.
    The only issue I have now is that the strip animation below the main nav bar shows fine in all the browsers on the home page. If I navigate to any other page it shows the “get adobe flash player” image instead.
    Driving me nuts this one and there must be something stopping this or the script not loading or something…………
    At a loss
    Any help appreciated

    PS I did post a link to the website on my previous post but it isnt showwing?


    Hi again,
    Looks like i have a fix for this and a better understanding of why this is happening.
    It is to do with the permalinks being set to anything other than default and relative paths. As this changes the actual url of the pages the script doesnt execute correctly.
    The fix i have found is to add <base href=”<?php echo get_option(‘siteurl’);?>” /> to the bottom of the header.php file.
    Hope this helps someone out.
    Many thanks


    Sorry thought it was all fixed but the animation doesnt show at all in i.e????
    Is there a way i can register on here??


    PS I did post a link to the website on my previous post but it isn’t showing?

    You forgot to add a text between the <a></a> tags so the link wasn’t visible.

    I’m not sure I can be of much help with issues regarding flash but let’s see. First, I think it would better if you have added your script through the functions.php on a child-theme and not on a template file ( header.php, index.php ). A widget can be used to add your <div id="MBM_ScrollBar"> markup. I think it would be much more flexible to use a text widget placed on the Below Menu widget area. That widget area has some padding but that can be fixed with css if that’s what you’re after.

    The flash file and the script can’t be found since you’re using relative paths. I don’t think the <base> you’ve added would do anything since you’ve added it after the script on the header. Why not just use absolute paths instead of relative ones.


    Yeah I was thinking of adding it the way you suggested but I have no Below Menu widget area? SO I thought I would try it via the header.php file. I have copied the header.php to the template directory end edited that file (haven’t edited the main theme header.php)
    I know this doesn’t replace the main theme header.php but ads to it (doesn’t it?).
    I will change the links to absolute paths, I should have done that :o/
    not really sure how to add the script via functions but I will look into that now as I am sure with some digging I will find out, it’s all learning :o)
    I can edit the CSS to get rid of the padding for the widget, I take it that it gets an individual ID that is the same for any page or post??
    Many thanks for your reply though as I am thinking now :o)


    Sorry Ron found that i had to add the BELOW MENU widget area DOH.
    I will CSS that after just added it currently to see it working.
    Just have no idea what to put into functions, and consequently which bits to put into the txt widget?


    Just have no idea what to put into functions, and consequently which bits to put into the text widget?

    On your child-theme’s functions.php you could add the script like this

    function script_to_header() {
    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
    <script type="text/javascript">
    	var flashvars = {};
    	var params = {}; = "true";
    	params.loop = "true"; = "false";
    	params.quality = "best";
    	params.scale = "exactfit";
    	params.wmode = "transparent";
    	var attributes = {};
    	attributes.align = "left";
    	swfobject.embedSWF("", "mbmscrollbar", "900", "40", "9.0.0", "", flashvars, params, attributes);
    add_action( 'wp_head', 'script_to_header' );

    On the text widget:

    <div id="mbmscrollbar">
         <a href="">
             <img src="" alt="Get Adobe Flash player" />

    For the CSS

    #below-menu #widgets-wrap-below-menu {padding: 0;}
    #below-menu .widget-below-menu {margin: 0;}

    Hi Ron,
    That is a lot better solution and I think as the code is in a widget and is a lot more controllable.
    I had added the widget and altered it with the CSS to remove the padding etc.
    I see now how the code goes into the widget, I wasn’t sure if it would accept code or just text.
    With your way the main content area div is not under the animation and right up to the bottom of the menu (i.e. previously I had to add a large margin at the top to position the sidebar top and main content correctly). Now this is a lot simpler and also less CSS.

    PS I think my install of IE is screwed!!!!!! Doesn’t like rendering pages very well at all. If I remote into my server and view in IE (same version too) it is fine?

    No time to reinstall my whole dev machine at the mo. It is on the cards as it is slowing me down with trivial issues lol.



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