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    After I updated Frontier theme to ver 1.1.3 the main menu is no longer shown correct. The data a topics is all there but it seems that the CSS code is somehow corrupted.. Anybodys got any idea how to fix this.



    The old style.css was being loaded. The menu items are displaying correctly now on my end. Your server might not have refreshed to the new style.css temporarily. If it’s still not displaying correctly for you, you might need to refresh your browser cache.

    Another thing I noticed is there are markup errors on your site causing the footer bar to display underneath the entire content. Check the code you’ve added on your widgets or your plugins.


    Its looks okay here as well now. I’v must have refreshed it 20 times but with no change so thats why I posted the question here. But now its good 😉
    The footer bar your refering to, is that the black bar with the copyright sign on the bottum !? isn’t that surpose to go there ?

    Thx again..

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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