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    I know technically this theme is not intended for woocommerce BUT there have been some changes in woocommerce recently to become more compatible with themes that are not even intended for this

    The reason I ask is…

    I’ve been using the theme for 4 years and love it. however, I do need to try and run a store section also. I’ve installed woocommerce and the layout is ok, however, when I try to change the layout to full screen it doesn’t seem to want to save the new page layout.

    I am looking through the forum to find answers and don’t expect people to drop everything to help. but I also don’t want to spend loads of time running on the wrong path.

    kind regards



    I assume you’re talking about the “Shop” page which is created by woocommerce. I’ve tested the cart, checkout and my account page and they seem to work fine with custom templates.

    For the shop page, copy the file page-full.php from the theme then place it on a child-theme. Then rename that file to page-shop.php. The shop page should now be full-width.

    Open page-shop.php and remove this line (Line 1)
    <?php // Template Name: Full, No Sidebar ?>
    This is so that normal pages don’t use this template and is only reserved for the woocommerce shop page.




    Hi I shall try that.

    although I just came back to this and found that this worked too. I deleted all the pages created by woocommerce setup. I then created 4 new pages all in the full width and labelled them the same as woocommerce and added each shortcode respectively. Everything is displaying as a full page. However, as I say I will also do it your way to make sure.




    ha! funny story.

    mine method was rubbish and did not work. Rons worked perfectly when i remembered to re-activate my child theme. I had changed it in all the testing!

    Turns out it was better to have the sidebar with some customised widgets in it anyway.

    Apologies for wasting anyone’s time.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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