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    Be sure to use a Child Theme before making a lot of customizations. This is done so you won’t lose any of your customizations whenever you update the theme.

    Is it really necessary to use a Child Theme?

    – Not really, if all you are doing is modifying a few CSS codes then you can add those on the Custom CSS option. They will be preserved even after an update.

    – But if you feel that you have way too many CSS lines to edit or modify then it might be practical to use a child theme. You can then add your CSS on the child theme’s own style.css file. They will be preserved even after the Parent Theme is updated.

    – If your customizations are going to be beyond CSS and you want to add or change certain theme functions, then you definitely need to use a Child Theme. A Child Theme has its own functions.php file. You can add your functions there and they will be preserved even after updating the Parent Theme.

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