Suspiciously Edited WordPress Theme

I came upon a Russian site that distributes WordPress themes that are mostly taken from and some that come from other sources. I was a bit surprised that the theme I just submitted to was available there.

The site’s domain name seems official, “wp-templates” with a Russian tld, but it is definitely not affiliated with the official I downloaded a copy of my theme. The file size was different. It could contain translation files, I thought to myself. Upon installation I found that there are 2 other links added to the footer of the theme.

Now there’s nothing wrong with editing WordPress themes and then redistributing them. They are after all released under GPL. So as long as the license is preserved then they can edit and share or do as they please. But one thing I find a little shady is that they also edited the version number to 10.0.2 but the files are actually from version 1.0.2 and the latest theme is just at 1.0.5. This is no doubt done to prevent the users from updating the theme through the official repository and thus preventing the added links from being replaced or removed.

edited wp temlates

Download themes from official sources. 😎

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