Starting to Ride a Bike Again

The last time I rode a bike was when I was in elementary. Why did I suddenly get interested many years later? It was just by chance. I was surfing the internet when, on a whim, I tried to look up my home street on Google Maps. I then discovered many roads that I never knew existed and of how they were connected with one another. The map also showed the sole mountain which was somewhat near my area, Mount Arayat. I tried to check if there was a good path to the mountain. Being a sort of a loner shut-in, I was thrilled and fascinated at the idea of me being able to have a fun adventure on my own. I’d be completely autonomous if I explored the various areas and roads while on a bike.

First, I had to find a bicycle. I found a cheap, heavy, steel-frame mountain bike at the nearest mall. Back then, I didn’t know just how heavy it was. I just thought that the bike’s gray-colored frame looked great. I bought my first mountain bike then rode it all the way home. That was my first (relatively) long-distance bike ride. It was about 10 Kilometers. It’s a short ride compared to what I’m used to riding now. But that ride being my first in a very long time, taught me all about butt pain. After that ride I wasn’t able to sit on the bike saddle for 3 days. I couldn’t even sit on a chair without my backside aching. That bike ride wasn’t as fun as I had expected. Not surprising since it was unplanned and the goal was to simply transport the bike from the mall to my house. It was 3 more weeks later before I finally began to ride outside.

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  1. Once the weather breaks here in northern Ohio (fingers crossed for mid-March) I ride 10-20 miles per day depending upon the time I have and wind speed. I lived on my bike as a kid and started again about 4 years ago.

    I can’t do the off road stuff due to my age and health, so I just stick to suburban streets.

    You may want to checkout I believed it’s based on google maps with more bike enthusiast features.

    Enjoy! I wish I could be riding now but there’s too much ice.


  2. Just wondering how the bike riding is going? Did you get another bike or do you still have the original one you bought? I love bike riding as its far easier on the knees than jogging. I am currently working in the U.S but have a house in the Negros Occidental providence, hoping to get back in the Philippines in July. I bought a pretty cheap bike in downtown Bacolod, think I paid about 1400 pesos for it. You know its cheap when it starts skipping gears and the shock fork doesn’t work, ha ha. Anyway it gets me around my small town, but definitely not built for long rides.

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