Reply To: Various theme customization


Thanks Ron for your quick reply. And sorry to disturb you again.
I have uploaded the new function file, now author color is matching.

1.My custom CSS is:
.single-view .entry-content {
padding: 0 20px;
Text-align: justify;
line-height: 3;
but line height property still not working.

2. On the bottom of excerpts on home page I am not getting page navigation like page 1,2,3…. as on your site. I am just getting new post, old post.

3. Widgets in footer not following properties of sidebar widgets box and content box (box border, box shadow).

4. Background colors of footer widgets, single post content and the color of empty space below sidebar widgets is different. How to edit these colors?

5. How to add icons with top menu items?

6. When I hover over link of Frontier Theme it doesn’t turn blue.

7. How to remove the text ‘search for:’ from the search box?

8. How to change the font and size of Main Post’s Heading text?