Reply To: WP Frontier Theme Error


Hello Ron,

when I visit the Frontier Options and click the Tab “Blog View” the Checkboxes of “Article Elements” are all empty (not checked). The same Problem is on the Tab “Single View” with the Checkboxes of “Post Elements” and “Page Elements”. The Tab “Widgets” with the Checkboxes of “Widget Areas” is the same Problem. The Radio-Options of “Footer Widget Columns” works fine.
Wenn I choose the checkboxes and click on the Button “Save Options” I become the Message “Options saved.” but all checkboxes are now again empty.

When I installed the same WordPress and the same Theme on the other Webhosting with the follow Server-Configs, I have no Problems and it works fine:

Apache Version : Apache/2.2.15 (CentOS)
Server API : CGI/FastCGI
PHP Version : 5.3.29
MySQL Version : 5.1.73 (mysql + mysqli)

Apache Version : ???
Server API : FPM/FastCGI
PHP Version : 7.0.14-nmm1
MySQL Version : 5.0.12-dev (nur mysqli)

I think that is a Problem with the newer MySQL-Database v5.5.54. Or what you think?

Best regards