Reply To: Sub-menu items not saving!


Ron – I just did a test – added some new items to the menu bar, saved the Menu and none of the new items was present

I also did a little test. You can see on my menu that I’ve temporarily added up to 12 menu items totaling 15 sub-menu items under WP Theme.

I highly doubt that your issue could be theme-related. You mentioned that:

I’ve never had this problem before with this theme.

What changed then? You didn’t edit the theme files, right? The only things I could think of in your case is that 1) You’ve been adding menu items to the wrong menu. OR 2) You have a caching plugin that serves a static page.

“Recipes” is there but not “live”

Your “Recipe” menu item doesn’t have any URL set to it.

Should I change my theme to get rid of this problem?

Sure, if you find that more convenient. I’m also curious to see if switching to one of the default themes (twentyfifteen, twentyfourteen…) does solve your issue.