Reply To: Changing size at which featured image is displayed


The theme options and the tutorials on changing the size of Frontier theme Featured Images won’t help since that is specific to Frontier Theme usage on regular posts and not custom Post Types. Since your page is a custom Post Type created by the plugin, then the actual size of the images outputted on that page is controlled by the plugin. This is especially true if a particular content is added using shortcodes.

Using Firebug I can see that the size of your particular images are being scaled using classes with names like .fdm-menu, .fdm-item-panel, .fdm-item-image. These classes are not part of the theme. Your plugin also outputs a style that controls the image display size.

.fdm-item-image {
    width: 33%;

You can override that size by copying the code, changing the percentage then placing it on any custom css option/plugin.

A quick test to isolate and determine if a style is imposed by a theme or a plugin is to temporarily use any of the default WP themes (twentyfifteen).