Reply To: iPhone version, partial slider image only


but when I access the mobile version I’m only getting part of the slider image showing

Since you selected to use “Don’t Stretch. Center the Image” on the Slider tab of the options page, when the slider shrinks it just shows the center of the image. Choose “Stretch Image to fit Slider” if you want the image to shrink proportionately with the slider. The images used on the slider is taken from the Featured Image of each post so ideally you should use images of the same width and height so they appear uniformly.

and no text on it at all.

This only happens when viewed on screens no bigger than 360px. It is hidden since the screen is small anyway and slider text might not be practical. If you want to disable this behavior simply add this on the Custom CSS tab of the options page.

@media screen and (max-width:360px){
   .bjqs-descript {
      display: block;