Reply To: Adding Tables to Pages


“What do you mean? Tables are created using HTML markup. CSS is only used for when you want to style your tables.”

I lose sight of that point and sometimes find myself embedding inline what should be the CSS. It’s a combination of ignorance, fatigue and breaking a very bad habit. I did add the formatting to the CSS (in the child) for this table. I was hoping for button like the ones for making lists. Making an HTML table is tedious.

Eventually I want to turn this site over to other people to add stuff and maintain. They know zilch HTML. The plugin is the way to go. Thanks.

I told them to hire someone who knows what they are doing, but here I am. So I hack in my free time and they are architecturally getting every penny they paid for! So far your well designed theme is keeping them from serious trouble. In addition to no payment, I have no deadlines and no critics so for now this is fun.