Reply To: Category Style and Active Page Link Issue



#nav .menu .current-menu-item a,
#nav .menu .current-menu-ancestor a,
#nav .menu .current_page_ancestor a,
#nav .menu .current_page_item a {
color: #FFF;

Learn to use firefox’s firebug or chrome’s developer tools to help you figure out which css rules are being applied. A little more reading on css too since these issues of yours are just general questions about css and is really not that specific to Asteroid Theme.

Btw, your topics are being flagged by akismet as spam.

This was solved! Thanks, Ron. I’m pretty news, and don’t have much experience with css. Thanks for firefox’s firebug. It’s a great tool which saves your time.

1. You could target the categories depending on their order of appearance.


.blog-view .entry-categories a {background-color: yellow;}
.blog-view .entry-categories a + a {background-color: green;}
.blog-view .entry-categories a + a + a {background-color: black;}

and so on…

This worked too, but what I need is permanently set color for certain category… so everytime I attach “scam” category it’s always red icon or caution always yellow etc…
If I’m right it requires editing in several docs…Is it manageable ?