Reply To: Menu stack and flash animation


Hi Ron,
That is a lot better solution and I think as the code is in a widget and is a lot more controllable.
I had added the widget and altered it with the CSS to remove the padding etc.
I see now how the code goes into the widget, I wasn’t sure if it would accept code or just text.
With your way the main content area div is not under the animation and right up to the bottom of the menu (i.e. previously I had to add a large margin at the top to position the sidebar top and main content correctly). Now this is a lot simpler and also less CSS.

PS I think my install of IE is screwed!!!!!! Doesn’t like rendering pages very well at all. If I remote into my server and view in IE (same version too) it is fine?

No time to reinstall my whole dev machine at the mo. It is on the cards as it is slowing me down with trivial issues lol.