Reply To: Menu stack and flash animation


PS I did post a link to the website on my previous post but it isn’t showing?

You forgot to add a text between the <a></a> tags so the link wasn’t visible.

I’m not sure I can be of much help with issues regarding flash but let’s see. First, I think it would better if you have added your script through the functions.php on a child-theme and not on a template file ( header.php, index.php ). A widget can be used to add your <div id="MBM_ScrollBar"> markup. I think it would be much more flexible to use a text widget placed on the Below Menu widget area. That widget area has some padding but that can be fixed with css if that’s what you’re after.

The flash file and the script can’t be found since you’re using relative paths. I don’t think the <base> you’ve added would do anything since you’ve added it after the script on the header. Why not just use absolute paths instead of relative ones.