Reply To: Menu stack and flash animation


Hi again,
I hope this may help someone out as i have fixed the menus disappearing behind the flash animation.
I used swfobject_generator.air to generate my code for the .swf movie (I used to add it by hand in dreamweaver). You do get a lot of options in swfobject_generator.air and one of them is wmode option. This enables background transparency and the menu now works in ie, FF and opera, missed it as it is a hidden menu under more link in the SWF Definition box.
The only issue I have now is that the strip animation below the main nav bar shows fine in all the browsers on the home page. If I navigate to any other page it shows the “get adobe flash player” image instead.
Driving me nuts this one and there must be something stopping this or the script not loading or something…………
At a loss
Any help appreciated

PS I did post a link to the website on my previous post but it isnt showwing?