Reply To: Formatting tags are acting strange


1. You have 2 options. Either go to Frontier Options -> Misc and select Disable Editor Style or download an updated theme here.

2. “related posts”? The theme doesn’t have any “related post” functionality. You could ask the author of the plugin you’re using. If the issue is just css related then a screenshot won’t really be of much help. You’ll have to post a url that shows the problem so that I can inspect it.

Note: I must say though, I think the review you gave on is quite unfair to me. The review section is not meant for support questions, there’s a separate area for that. I’m not a theme vendor but just a volunteer who shares free themes and gives occasional support without anything in return and seeing something like that is really discouraging. You didn’t even give the issue a chance to be resolved. I’m hoping you’d update your rating when you have the time.