Reply To: Google Font does not Load


I see you still haven’t removed either of the two css. The first thing to do would be to just remove one. As long as there are two, the one on the Frontier Option will always override the one on the style.css. It would be easier to know what’s actually wrong if were working with just one css declaration.

You may have forgotten to change some font on your style.css I can see that the body and the headers (h1, h2, h3…) are still set to Arial. This may be why you thought that no changes are taking place.

I’m using Firebug to inspect your page and the moment I disable the font declared on the Frontier Options, the ‘Coming Soon’ font takes effect. This leads me to believe that the only things preventing your code on style.css to work properly are 1.)The css on Frontier Options overriding everything and 2.)Some fonts-families on style.css are still set to Arial.

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