Reply To: Google Font does not Load


Hey Ron,

You are right. Sorry for the confusion. I wanted all the changes to be made in the child theme’s style.css only. However, I wasn’t able to do so, so I ended up doing all the changes in “Frontier Options -> CSS” last night and it does work there, which is not what I initially wanted all my changes to be documented.

So basically if I make changes in “Frontier Options -> CSS” it works, but it doesn’t work when I make changes in the child theme’s style.css file.

If I delete all the changes I made in the “Frontier Options -> CSS”, and keep all the changes still in the child theme’s style.css, no changes will take place.

I tried two font style “Overlock” and “Coming Soon” in the “Frontier Options -> CSS” and child theme’s style.css respectively just to see which one works.

If you could email me with the email I signed up, I’d be happy to give you the log in information and you can take a look. Feel free to delete my changes in the “Frontier Options -> CSS” if you’d like and I have a backup for the CSS code also.

Thank you very much,