Reply To: How to change font size and style sitewide


Sorry about that. It redirecting because I have the site set up so that only logged in users can use the buddypress part of the site. I have two sites using your theme. The one is an older site and this one brand new. The font size in the groups text area where you would write the group description do not match from one site to the other. The new site text is really small. Here is what I think the problem is. My old site looks fine. but the older site is running buddypress with the BuddyPress Template Pack plugin. That plugin I understand is no longer needed for the new buddypress.


I have to remove it and all the files it created from my older sites. I have it on all of them. Seems from the link above this is going to be a pain. But the new theme in buddy press seems to make the text in the group really small. so I still need to figure out how to fix that. I think the code you gave me is more for a single post page and not for the groups area.

This is from one of my music site.. its not using your theme.. but this is the type of group page I’m trying to edit the text size.