Receive Adsense Earnings with UnionBank

Last year Google Adsense announced that receiving Adsense earnings through Western Union remittance will be discontinued this year. This got me worried since Western Union was very convenient for me as there is a remittance center nearby my house. I only had one bank account then and I didn’t know if my BPI Savings Account can receive money through Wire Transfer.

I initially tried the Wire Transfer method below with Bank of the Philippine Islands. It was a Kaya Savings Account. It did not work. That first transfer attempt was sent by Adsense last December 21 and after 8 days of waiting on December 29 I received an email messaging me that my bank refused the transfer and the payment was cancelled.

I created a savings account with Union Bank of the Philippines online through their Android app and the Wire Transfer succeeded flawlessly. If you don’t have a UnionBank account yet you should definitely get one as having an online-capable bank is very convenient, especially these days. It was easy to open one too and only took a couple of minutes.

How to add UnionBank Wire Transfer

  1. Go to your Adsense dashboard then click Payments on the left side.
  2. Click Manage Payment Methods.
  3. Click Add Payment Method choose “Add new wire transfer details”
  4. Fill up the form. (See image below. Click to enlarge)
  5. For Name on bank account use the full name you used on UnionBank
  6. For Bank name type in Union Bank of the Philippines
  8. Add your UnionBank Account Number.
  9. Check “Set as primary payment method” option.
  10. Double check that all details are correct then Save.
Wire Transfer Payment

Results on Payment through Wire Transfer

On the very first successful transfer, Google sent the payment on Jan. 22 and I received the funds on Jan. 25 so it took about 3 days. On the next month payment was sent on Feb. 22 and I received it the very next day. Transactions are named “INREM SWIFT” on the Unionbank App. I assume that means Inward Remittance.

Since I now receive my Adsense earnings without leaving the house at all, this payment method proved to be more convenient than going to the Western Union center.

The big downside is I receive much less than the expected amount. I don’t know the exact details on the fee calculations yet but I estimate that UnionBank deducts about P540 to P590 from my earnings. I’ll update here once I get more info.