New Plants and Grafted Fruit Trees

So I bought some plants and grafted fruit trees. Avocado, Blueberry (Not really), Cocoa, Wax Jambu, Mangosteen, Coffee, Pomegranate. Why? Well it’s because I really enjoy gardening and the possibility of harvesting various fruit in the future is a big plus.

I bought these from a seller on Facebook. It was quite a convenient and secure purchase for me as the seller accepts cash-on-delivery. I do have some complaints though. Plants were not in good condition when I received them plus there was one which was passed off as a completely different plant.

One grafted Avocado. It seems healthy and thriving but it has some damage. Just above the graft the branch is broken and has just recently started to heal.

Next to the Avocado is a plant advertised by the seller as “Blueberry”. I was quite excited at first since Blueberry is not common in my location. Through some research I later found out that it is most likely Ardisia Humilis or a variety of it.

This plant is potentially poisonous. So It is quite alarming since the seller made it seem like it was something edible. I already had one berry before knowing what it actually is. Good thing I wasn’t poisoned by this fake Blueberry.

This is a grafted Mangosteen. I love the taste of the fruit but I’ve never seen what the tree looks like before. The leaves look similar to those of a rubber tree.

As seen in the picture, the one sent to me only has 3 leaves. It stayed like this for a long time that I thought it was going to drop it all and die.


This is a Robusta Coffee plant. I’m not sure if it is grafted or not. Does coffee even need to be grafted or does it naturally mature and flower quite early?

This one started flowering already. I’m still waiting to see if some fruit are going to set. I might use the first beans for starting new coffee plants. It’s either that or just brew it.

The Cocoa tree has some damage too. It has some scars on the bark. The young leaves were possibly dried out during transportation. This tree turned out to be sensitive to direct sunlight. It needs to be in the shade. I put it under the canopy of another bigger tree.

The Wax Jambu (Makopa, Water Apple, Java Apple, ) still has some piece of plastic used during the grafting process. The rootstock has a vigorous branch growing which should have been pruned earlier by the seller. Due to this, the scion growth above the graft is relatively weak and only has a few leaves.

The Pomegranate seems fine. Though I actually don’t know how it’s supposed to look like since this is the first time I’ve seen one. Some time later it started losing its leaves which had me worried. Turns out was a natural thing for this plant.

I plan on growing these in containers instead of on the ground since I don’t have much space. I’ll just transfer these in bigger pots and see how well they do.

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