My First Good Bike Ride – Candaba

I bought my first bike on August 2014. After riding it back home from the mall I came down with a sore throat that progressed to about 4 months of terrible coughing.

September 1 — I got on my bike then proceeded to head out bringing just my phone, some money, drinking water and an android tablet containing images from Google Maps.

It was 12:00 PM. A bicycle ride at 12 noon is not ideal especially for a newbie like me but it was one of those spur-of-the-moment things. It wasn’t quite as hot since I rode mostly through windy rice fields. Plus, I was really excited to be outside. I found myself literally laughing out loud. I was overcome by a sense of freedom and adventure.

My original plan was to visit a Barangay called Bahay Pare (Priest House), a place I’ve only heard of. From our house in San Rafael, I passed though various barangays: San Agustin, Dagat-dagatan, Vizal Santo Cristo, Pulong Gubat, Vizal San Pablo then finally by 1:30 PM I was at Bahay Pare.

From there I knew that the road heading north was straight to Candaba Town Proper. There are no turns to make so I was sure I wouldn’t get lost. So I thought “What the heck” then pedaled onwards. The road from Bahay Pare to the town proper was well paved and in good condition. It passes through the Candaba Swamp – Bird Sanctuary.

I Arrived at Candaba Town Proper at about 2:15 PM. On Google Maps

Baliwag – Candaba Road
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The image above is taken at San Agustin Bridge, Candaba, Pampanga. The town proper is about 1 minute away. On the background is Mount Arayat which I would find out on future rides to be about 1 hour away from the town. The picture also shows rice laid out on the road allowing to dry under the sun. This practice is common throughout the Philippines.

On my way home back at the bridge, I saw dark rain clouds heading straight towards my direction. I had no choice but to ride through the rain since it would get dark soon if I waited. It was especially scary biking through strong winds and rain on a secluded road with no houses or infrastructures nearby. It was just me, the road and rice fields for the next 9 Kilometers up to Bahay Pare.

My first good ride took a total of 40 Kilometers. With this one ride I felt that I already got my money’s worth on my new bike. Oh, there was also butt pain, I was unable to go on a bike ride for at least 3 days. Unforgettable.

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  1. Butt pain from seat wear is bad; from muscle work is good of course. Did you ride over the rice? Do cars ride over the rice? Odd place to put rice. How do they get the rice off the road? I would think it difficult to get all the rice off the road and that there must be dirt in the rice afterwords. And it seems like a lot of work to dry rice in that manner. Better to move it through screens. Maybe you could start a rice drying business.

    1. Yes, I rode over the rice. Usually, they just take up one side of the road but the road on the picture is a secluded one that traverses a swamp, not many cars use it so they used both sides of the road.

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