Login Attempt from Netherlands

Hmm, it seems that there’s someone from the Netherlands is attempting to log-in to my blog. There is no doubt that it’s a bot of some kind as there’s probably no human persistent enough to try to login more than a thousand times.

Spammer from Netherlands

WordPress attempted login

This blog probably has no more than 10 visitors :mrgreen: , a few attempting to break-in, a lot are irritating spammers 🙁 and the rest are lost souls who wandered far from their average sites.

I wonder what intentions the user of IP has. There’s nothing worth breaking into my blog for. Is this some attempt to deface a very obscure blog that receives no more than a handful of visitors?

Since I’m using CloudFlare, blocking login attempts is now easier with Page Rules.

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  1. My site encounters around 1000 brute force attacks, everyday! Especially from Netherlands IP. A single IP has been locked out 96 times! – http://i.imgur.com/Fs6ux.png

    Funny thing is they are all trying to login as Admin, which does not exist on my site! 😀

  2. Hi I think your site is being used as a redirect for a phishing scam. I’m getting this link in an email supposedly from paypal – it then redirects to paypal. – https://ritaelfianis.com/login

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