How to Hide #shorts Videos on YouTube

Don’t like Short Videos aka #shorts? Me too. They are not the reason why I visit YouTube but the site seems to be doing everything in its power to force you to watch those TikTok-like content. It’s Really annoying! Here’s how hide or block them:

  1. Install the uBlock Origin extension. For Firefox; For Chrome
  2. Once installed go to the extension’s Options page or Dashboard area.
  3. Under My Filters tab add the entries below ↴
! Block Youtube Shorts on front page > .ytd-rich-section-renderer > .ytd-rich-section-renderer[is-shorts=""]

! Block Youtube Shorts on the subscriptions page[overlay-style=SHORTS]:upward(ytd-grid-video-renderer.ytd-grid-renderer)

! Block Youtube Shorts on the search page[overlay-style=SHORTS]:upward(ytd-video-renderer.ytd-item-section-renderer)

! Remove Shorts on sidebar menu[title=Shorts]:upward(ytd-guide-entry-renderer.ytd-guide-section-renderer)