How to Find or Contact a Website’s Owner

A lot of people contact me asking to add, change or remove certain aspects about certain websites. The problem is those websites aren’t mine and I have no control over them or their content. Since my WordPress Themes are used by a lot of people for their own WP Sites, their visitors end up following a link here to my own blog when their own websites don’t have a contact page or any contact information at all.

Finding the Contact Page

Owners usually link their Contact Page on their site’s menu or sidebar. You can also look for it on the website’s footer area.

If you can’t find the page’s link anywhere, you can try to guess or figure out the contact page’s URL based on the domain name. Try the popular contact slugs (url words) below.

Replace with your target’s actual domain name and try visiting them through your browser.


You can also try html and php extensions.


Sometimes website owners don’t create a Contact Page on purpose.

  • For privacy or they simply don’t want to be bothered.
  • They thought the nature of their site doesn’t command for a Contact Page.
  • The website has questionable content and the owner doesn’t want to be found.
  • Or they simply forgot to make one.

If you have not found a contact page on the entire website in question, you can try searching for an email address that is linked to the domain name.

Search a Website Admin’s Email

If someone wishes to purchase and own a Domain Name they would have to specify an email address to be used as the Administrator Email. This will be recorded and listed along with other info regarding the domain’s owner or registrant.

You’ll need to perform something called a WHOIS. Luckily, a lot of websites offer this service.
Try either of the links below. Enter your target domain name and see what info you get.

You’ll see in the resulting page that the contact info lists some email addresses which you can use to contact the owner. Sometimes even the street address and phone number is listed.

Website Owner Email Contact
Click to Expand

Tip: If the website you are dealing with is too problematic and you know that it’s doing something illegal, you may want to forget about contacting the admin and just report directly to the Domain Registrar (where the domain was bought) to get the website removed.

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  1. The person that set our website up has left and has not left us the details to gain access to our site. Can the email and password be reset so we can access our page?

  2. Will Frontier be updated again or has it already been abandoned?

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