How to Connect a Domain to your Website

After buying a good domain name from a domain registrar, your second move involve steps on how to connect your domain name to your web host so that the domain name points to your web/html files, making your website complete.

Two Steps on Configuring a Domain Name

There are basically two major steps to perform so that you could connect a domain name to the files on your web host.

  • Configure the DNS Server settings on your domain registrar.

e.g. NameCheap, GoDaddy, 1&1, Name, Tucows, Internetbs.

  • Configure the Domain Settings on your web host. 

e.g. Blogger, NameCheap, 000webhost, Bluehost, Hostgator.

Configure the Name Server on The Domain Registrar

  • Go to where you bought your domain name and find the DNS Server settings.
  • There are usually two name servers to enter.
  • Enter the name server of the web host you are using.

Name Servers: These are just examples and may be different from what you really must use. To find out what to use, go to your web host.

HostGator Hosting :,
NameCheap Hosting :,
GoDaddy Hosting   :,

If you bought your domain on NameCheap, it may look something like this:
change domain name server


Configure the Domain Settings on your web host

Now that the DNS settings are configured, we go to the second step to connect a domain. Go to your web host and configure the domain name. This part is relatively simple. We just inform the web host what name we will be using for our website.

  • Log-in to the cPanel of your web hosting account.
  • Go to domains or Addon Domains.
  • Enter the Domain name that you bought.
  • Specify the Location of your documents.
  • Enter a password, click create and you’re done.

Your website may not work right away. It usually takes an 1 hour up to 48 hours for the DNS to propagate. This time is spent for changing the Domains address to every DNS Server around the world.

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  1. hi ron! am also using namecheap for my other blog, but i didn’t change its it ok? and its working.

    1. You mean, immediately after purchasing the domain no changes were necessary? then how did you connect the address to your blog? That’s highly unlikely.

      The namecheap nameserver mentioned above is used only if you have your own web hosting account. In the example above I use a professional shared server account that I also purchased from namecheap.

      Most probably, what you did was you simply changed either the C-Name or the A-record/IP address of the domain, since you use free services from either blogger or tumblr. If that’s the case then you really don’t need to change the nameservers since you don’t have control over the server that hosts your blog.

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