Growing Avocado Seeds – Water Germination

I’ve been recently gaining an interest in Avocados. We used to have an Avocado tree in our yard. My grandmother planted it long ago but it never produced any fruit so it was cut down. I’m going to start some seedlings now. My goal now is to have a bunch of small productive avocado trees growing in containers.

First, sourcing the seed. This is easy since plenty of Avocados are sold near us. Plus, there’s already a lot of mature Avocado trees being grown near our area by our neighbors. I could use the small branches or twigs from those fruiting trees to graft on to my seedlings later on. I read somewhere that when you remove the seed from the fruit it must not be allowed to dry out.

Germinating the seeds basically involves propping the seeds on a cup filled with water then waiting for it to root. An Avocado seed is usually elliptic in shape, having a blunt rounded end and a pointier end. The rounded end needs to be in contact with or submerged in the water. This is where the roots will form. I pierced the seed with 3 toothpicks so I could set it on the Styrofoam cup.

Avocado Roots in Water

Make sure to change the water if it begins to grow mold. Since it is quite hot where I am, I usually had to replenish the water due to evaporation or else the seed won’t be submerged and will dry out if you’re not careful.

After a week the bottom of the seed is beginning to crack open readying itself to send down roots.

The seeds won’t always germinate at the same time. In three weeks 2 of my seeds already had a lot of root while the 3rd seed’s bottom had not even cracked yet. It probably lagged behind the other seeds by a month.

You can try planting an Avocado seed the traditional way by burying it in soil but make sure the orientation is still correct. The rounded end must be towards the ground and the pointed end towards the sky. I didn’t choose this method since in my opinion the water cup is a lot better.

Germinating an Avocado seed in a cup of water makes it easier on yourself to check if the seed is either dead or making progress without having to yank it out of the soil which could damage the roots if there are any.

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