Fix bbPress not working on WAMP

bbPress is a very popular WordPress plugin that adds a bulletin board functionality to any site run on WordPress. This is a good alternative to more popular forum software like vBulletin, IP.board, phpBB, smf and xenforo. Admittedly, bbPress is just a lightweight version but it does the job efficiently and elegantly. It’s structure is very minimal and that is where its beauty lies, there’s nothing to bloat your website. It is made by the makers of WordPress which adds a certain authority and trustworthiness to the plugin. Add to that, like all WordPress plugins, bbPress is free, open source and yours to modify.

Common Error when Testing on WAMP

If you have a very recent installation of WAMP, forgetting a certain component might cause errors when first creating a forum on bbPress. You may have created a new forum under bbPress and it looks just fine when you click on preview. But when you go to the new forum by following its url you may come across a 404 not found message like this:

bbPress forum not found

More often that not, this is due to an apache module not being loaded. Click on your WAMP icon and go to Apache -> Apache Module then find “rewrite_module“. Click that to add. Wait for WAMP Apache service to restart and you’re good to go.

WAMP bbPress Rewrite

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