First WordPress Post Using Gutenberg

Testing; Attention please.

Gutenberg for WordPress has been out for months now but I have been a holdout and was using the Classic Editor plugin. Gutenberg had issues with the “Preview” feature and was unusable for me. With the release of WordPress 5.1 the glitches and delays with previewing a Gutenberg post seems to have been fixed.

The workflow of writing content isn’t that much different than with the Classic Editor, at least for me. Though admittedly, I have not yet tested it extensively. I did experience a glitch while writing this post. Adding a hyperlink to a text is a hit or miss operation. At times, the link would appear at random places instead of the intended text.

The Word Count feature which I found a useful tool in the Classic Editor is now hidden in the small “info” icon on the top left. It would be better if this was visible at all times.

I do worry that the post content in the database is now tainted with an alien markup. 🙃

Content Markup in Database
This is what the content in the Database looks like with Gutenberg

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