Faster Loading with WordPress Caching

If you are a WordPress user who fancies himself as a savvy webmaster or a simple blogger and still haven’t heard of WordPress Caching then something is missing from your arsenal of web tools.

If you’re not using any type of caching on your websites then you are missing on something good that can improve your site dramatically and save you a few or a lot of dollars.

What is Caching?

Caching, specifically server-side caching, is the process of storing a cache on your web server. This cache is a copy of parts of your website. For example, a site made in WordPress will contain lots of individual PHP files and other scripts. These files slow down your website significantly.

When a user visits your homepage, a lot of process must take place for the homepage to be fully displayed on the screen.

WordPress Caching

The difference between the processes of a site with WordPress caching and on one without.

On a Non-Cached WordPress website

  1. The user sends request to the server to get a single page.
  2. The server send the main index file to the users computer.
  3. The downloaded files tell the browser to fetch more stuff from the server.
  4. Requested files like Images, CSS and Javascript files arrive at the users computer.
  5. The files accomplish their jobs by formatting the web page’s layout and design.
  6. The finished page is shown in the users screen.

On a Cached WordPress website

  1. The user sends request to the server to get a single page.
  2. The sever sends a single file which is the cached version of the page
  3. The page is displayed to the user.

WordPress Caching Pros

The process is significantly reduced. This brings lots of benefits for your site.

  • Web page loading time is reduced because of caching.
  • Your server reduces CPU, memory and bandwidth usage.
  • Save money on web hosting by maximizing the use of shared servers.
  • Provides a great user experience, encouraging visitors to return to your site.

Use WordPress caching now and make WordPress load faster.

W3 Total Cache

This W3TC wordpress plugin works great and does not need any setup at all. Everything works automatically once it is activated. WordPress caching starts and you immediately see improved results. You can test the difference on pingdom where a site’s loading speed is measured.

My blogs immediately yielded great results. They usually load from top to bottom with lots of pauses. When I installed this caching plugin, my blogs loaded in less than 2 seconds with no pauses. Those pauses are caused by scripts waiting for other stuff they called from the server. But there’s no need for that when your requesting a cached page. Optimize your WordPress for free with W3 Total Cache.