Concerning WordPress Themes

I got a couple of ideas for new WordPress themes I’d like to make. I also would like to update and work on my old themes again. But after taking a huge break from WordPress, I’m finding it very hard for me to get any momentum going.

The WordPress landscape is not what it used to be. My personal opinion is that it seems colder and strictly business-oriented. I feel it’s now aimed mostly at shops that are willing and has the means to jump at the latest trends that are being introduced. I understand that the business part has always been there but there used to be fun in creating too.

There used to be a small space for individual hobbyists like me who like to casually contribute. I don’t think that niche exists anymore. I’d like to see more individuality and personality in themes. Be they beautiful themes or ugly (quirky) themes, it doesn’t matter as long as they don’t all look the same bland product.

Things change quickly and it’s hard to keep up since there seems to be a very big air of uncertainty. I feel that people at the top don’t have a clear direction of where to go so it’s difficult for people at the bottom to follow.

Having said all this, I am also willing to admit that maybe it is me who has changed. Truthfully, I’m always looking for different projects to keep busy with. The Godot game engine has piqued my interest. I’m hoping it would be fun and rewarding.