Child Theme for Asteroid

Asteroid Child Theme
Asteroid Child Theme

So you just recently created a WordPress site and you’re having a hard time picking the right theme. The best step to take is to just find a flexible theme then customize it yourself.

Customizing a theme is a great way to learn about the anatomy of a WordPress theme and websites in general. It’s little skills like this that save you a lot of money in the long run.

There are a lot of great themes out there. It’s important that you only get themes from trustworthy sources. The WordPress repository is a good place to look.

What’s an Ideal Theme?

  • First thing you have to ask is “Is the default look of the theme close enough to the intended design?”. This will save you a great deal of time.
  • Secondly, is the theme flexible enough that it can handle almost all of the features you need. Does it comply to the latest standards? Is the last theme update recent or ages ago?
  • Lastly, It’s also convenient if the theme has great support from the author and fellow users.

Update Theme, Lose Customizations

Whenever a theme is updated, all of its files are replaced with a new one. This means that if you modified the theme’s style.css then updated the theme, that file will be replaced and all your modifications will be lost. So it’s not a good idea to modify the theme’s main style.css

What’s a Child Theme?

A child theme is like a new theme that relies on the parent theme. It is installed just like any regular theme and placed in the /wp-content/themes/ directory. A child theme is used when a user wants to customize the parent theme’s design and functionality without fear of losing the customizations whenever the parent theme is updated.

The Asteroid Theme is simplistic and minimal yet customizable. If you want to customize its design further, you must use a child-theme.
After you install and activate the child theme you will find an empty style.css and functions.php in the WordPress theme editor Dashboard -> Appearance -> Editor You can safely customize these files and your changes will persist even after a theme update.
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  1. Please excuse my inexperience. I installed the Asteroid Child theme so I could make changes to certain colors and fonts without affecting the parent theme. How do I make these changes when there is no stylesheet in the child theme?

    1. There is a style.css on the child-theme folder. Do you mean that it is missing? Did you download your child-theme on this page? I just tested the one linked on this page and it contains a style.css

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