Change Program Files Folder Icon in Windows 10

Customizing your Folder icons is a nice way to personalize your Windows It makes it easier to tell which folder is which in a glance. If you want to change a Folder icon in Windows, usually, all you have to do is just right-click the folder then select Properties then the Customize tab. But for some strange reason Program Files folder has a Customize tab but the Program Files (x86) folder does not. Both folders have nearly the same function. One holds your 64-bit programs while the x86 holds the 32-bit programs. So, why no Customize?

Usually, when the Customize tab is not available, you can just manually create a desktop.ini file inside your target folder. Then add the lines below to the newly created file. With value of IconResource pointing to your icon of choice. Then either manually restart explorer.exe or restart Windows.


But the Program Files (x86) on Windows 10 is proving to be quite stubborn and won’t change no matter how many refresh, restart or icon cache rebuilds you do. Luckily a free program is able to change this system folder: Folder Maker Link. Expand the images below to see this in action.

Now, doesn’t that look better? The Program folders are now Pineapples. The icons used are from a collection called “Market” by “FixIcon”.

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