Buying My First Bicycle

When I was a young kid I learned how to ride a bike by repeatedly crashing into a mound of sand. I quickly pedaled straight into the sand before I fell sideways. The sand which was used for construction would both slow the bike down and soften my fall. That was years ago and it wasn’t even my own bike. Years later, with my sudden interest in exploring roads that I learned through Google Maps, I decided that I needed to have my very own adult-sized bicycle. I quickly rushed to the mall to find the cheapest Mountain Bike I could afford.

I found one which costs around $150. The SGM Arrow. I knew nothing about buying a bike back then. I didn’t even know if the bike was big or small for me since I have had none to compare it to. Remember, I last rode a bike when I was a small kid. The shop was a sporting goods store and not a dedicated bike shop so the sales people don’t really know much about bikes either. I only know that I liked the bike’s gray colored frame. I decided to purchase the bicycle then proceeded to ride it all the way home. My first long ride.

sgm arrow arayat
My Bike at Mount Arayat

The SGM Arrow is a heavy, full suspension, steel frame bicycle though as it turns out the front suspension was no good. I didn’t know back then what a heavy or light bike is supposed to weigh. On the seller’s website it says that the bike is about 12 Kilograms but after weighing the entire bike on a scale it was revealed to be about 18 Kilograms. In retrospect, I should have just bought a hard-tail mountain bike since my rides are more of a long distance endurance fun rides. It was a 7-speed bike with entry level components. Do I regret buying it though? No, since my first bike made me happy. Something I haven’t been in a long time.

bike ride sm mall
Bike ride from the mall. August 13, 2014

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