What You Need To Create A Blog

Having your own blog is a good way to express yourself, share your ideas and earn a living. So create a blog, reap some benefits now, and a few more added bonuses later on.

What is a Blog?

At its simplest, a blog is a personal website where you can post information and opinion about your desired topics or interests. A blog is usually updated on a regular basis. It is a common practice for bloggers (blog owners), to update their blog content daily. Some bloggers post content, more than 3 times a day.

You can create a blog for free or by investing some cash on services and other stuff. Blogger, by Google, is a famous blog host that offers its service for free. You may have seen a lot of blogs with a URL that contains the word blogspot, these are free blogger/blogspot blogs, an example is googleblog.blogspot.com. another excellent blog host that allow you to create a free blog site is WordPress. There are a lot more but these 2 are my top choices because they are free and easy to use.

What to blog About

Q: What topic should I blog about?

A: This depends on your reason for starting a blog.

  • If you want to create a blog simply because you want to express yourself and share something, then I suggest that you pick a topic that interests you most. Choose a topic that you are knowledgeable at.  That way, you won’t have a hard time updating your blog because you’ll always have something to talk and post about.
  • If you want to create a blog to earn money, then you should start expanding you’re interests. Try to learn things that other people want to know about. This will be learning experience for you. This may be a hard path but it is rewarding.

Of course, you can just simply blog about different topics on a single blog but if you want to earn money on blogging, then a single blog site with a single topic is the way to go. This is also known as Niche Blogging.

What you need to create a Blog

Blogging Requirements :

Domain & Blog Host – A Domain is the URL or address of your blog. If you use Google’s Blogger as your blog host then you will get a free URL which is a subdomain of blogspot.com OR for a few dollars, you can get a personalized name with a .COM | .NET | .ORG extension. Domains are cheap now, so if you have money to spend, just buy a good domain name. The Blog Host is where you’ll upload your whole website. Free blog host include, blogger, wordpress, tumblr.

Blogging Topic – Also called a blog niche, this is what your posts are going to be about. Interesting posts make readers more likely to visit your blog site again and again. Make sure you post articles that are more likely to be searched by your potential readers. This will maximize your revenue if you plan to earn money through blogging.

Writing Skills – You’ll need to learn basic writing skills (If you haven’t already). Make sure your posts have proper grammar and correct spelling. You must also add character to your writing. Add an air of personality that will distinguish you from the rest of bloggers out there.

Interest & Dedication – To create a blog is simple, to maintain it is a little tricky. Make sure to allocate a part of your time specifically for blogging. A successful blog is regularly updated. Keep your interest alive by learning new things about your chosen niche. It is very easy to be discouraged especially when you are just starting, but hold on and keep going at it.

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