Bike Ride to Mount Arayat

Mount Arayat! It’s a prominent mountain near my vicinity. It has the distinction of being the only mountain rising in the mostly flat farmlands of Central Luzon. This mountain actually has a lot to do on why I got into Cycling. As I’ve stated on another post on why I’ve started riding a bike again, I was initially just curious on exploring the roads from my home leading to this mountain.

Date: October 8, 2014
Ride Total Distance: 66 Km
Ride Completed in 4 hours.

Excuse the poor camera quality and the poor shooting skills. This was my first time in Arayat and I wasn’t able to capture a lot more interesting photos and I strangely forgot to take pictures of more well known landmarks in and around the municipality of Arayat. That would be a goal for my next visit.

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