Bark Grafting Scion on Mango Branch

Scion source for mango graft

While I was out riding my bike I came upon this flowering mango tree growing along a stream bank. The mango tree is leaning a lot, almost falling into the water stream but it has a lot of flowers. I’m thinking I could graft a scion of this tree to the one we have at home.

The tree in our yard is of a variety called Indian mango. It flowers a bit later than the one near the river bank. So if I successfully graft it then we would have our tree flowering in succession, one variety after the other. At least that’s how I think it would be.

I took a small branch of about 9 inches from the mother tree near the river. I chose a branch that has no flower yet and only just about to flush some. This small branch is called the Scion.

Steps in Grafting the Mango

  1. Make a clean cut on a branch of the target tree to be grafted. I chose a small branch halfway the tree’s height.
  2. Make 2 vertical slits 1 ½ inch in length and 1 inch apart on the bark. Separate the bark flap from the woody part. Don’t remove it completely!
  3. Cut the bottom end of your scion. Taper it into a wedge shape about 1 and a half inches long.
  4. Gently pry the 1 ½ inch bark flap on the tree then insert the 1 ½ inch scion wedge.
  5. Secure the scion in place by tying something around the bark tightly. I used a garter.
  6. Pour wax on small openings between the bark flap and scion to seal it so water and insects can’t get in.
  7. Cover it with plastic to prevent water from seeping in and prevent the scion from drying out quickly.

This type of grafting is called a Bark Graft. I didn’t have any paraffin or bees wax so I used a candle to seal the graft. I’m a bit worried since while pouring the melted candle wax I accidentally brought the candle flame very close to the fresh scion. I hope it wasn’t damaged by the heat.

My first successful graft is with an avocado. I’m wishing for this graft to take as well and we end up with two mango varieties on one tree. All that’s left to do now is play the waiting game.

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