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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Change or Remove the footer credits linking to the Asteroid Theme Page?

Sure. How To : Change or Remove Theme Footer Link.

The Visual Editor text area is small & background is grey. What’s up?

That behavior is by design. The text area resizes according to the size of your content width. This is done so that the post layout on the Visual Editor would resemble the actual layout when the post is published. You can turn that function off if you want. Go to Asteroid Options then on the Misc Tab check the “Disable Post Editor Style” checkbox.

Would the theme support Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8 or any other old browsers?

No. Old browsers are old. But there are WordPress plugins that could make it work.


Asteroid Theme – How Tos

If need to customize your theme further than what the options allow, you may need to use a child theme. Child Theme for Asteroid
  • If you only need to do minor changes to the design that would only require a few lines on CSS then just use the Custom CSS Option on the Asteroid Options Page.
  • If your customization needs more than, Oh, let’s say… 30 lines of CSS, then I recommend you use a child theme. If you want, you can use both options (Custom CSS and the a Child Theme).
  • If your customization requires you to use custom functions written in PHP then it is a must that you use a child theme. I mean it!

How to Add Google Analytics

I’ve already written a post on how to add Google Analytics on WordPress. But you use Asteroid Theme, right? So here’s a quick guide.

Get your Google Analytics code from Google Analytics (That’s pretty obvious right?). On your site, go to Asteroid Options, look under General Tab. You have 2 options, you either put the code on the Header or on the Footer. See Image below. Click to expand.
Google Analytics on Asteroid Theme

Thumbnail Images are Missing on Excerpts

First, make sure that thumbnails are enabled. Go to Asteroid Options -> Posts & Pages then check “Excerpt Thumbnails”. A second probability is that you probably have not set a featured image for your post. Set a Featured Image for Posts

To simply remove the link and sever all ties to this blog :cry:, Go to Asteroid Options. Click the Misc Tab. Check the “Remove Theme URL” checkbox. Save.

If you want to change the text or link, you will need to use a child theme. After you install the child theme, go to Dashboard -> Appearance -> Editor. On the right side click the “Theme Functions” file. Get the codes you need to add here Change text on a WordPress Theme. There are two strings you’ll be replacing, “Asteroid Theme” and the url to the theme’s page.

Asteroid Theme – Options