Adminer – The Best Alternative to phpMyAdmin

Rarely do I see a relatively unknown software outdo a much more popular alternative. Having used both phpMyAdmin and Adminer, I came to conclude that the latter is quite superior in almost every way. I now use Adminer exclusively for managing my database.

Use Adminer to conveniently Add, Edit and Delete various table entries that the WordPress admin area won’t allow. In fairness to phpMyAdmin, I’ve only tested both software with normal database operations. Maybe extreme case usage will prove to be favorable to phpMyAdmin. Both phpMyAdmin and Adminer are free software licensed under GPL.

Adminer’s Advantages over phpMyAdmin

A lot of various software come bundled with phpMyAdmin by default, giving it an edge in popularity over Adminer. Why do I prefer Adminer? It’s just a lot more efficient. It’s very convenient to set up and is a whole lot faster than phpMyAdmin.

These are just a couple of points that make Adminer an excellent alternative to phpMyAdmin. See Adminer’s official page for a more complete list.

  • Smaller File Size – Adminer only consists of 1 php file plus an optional stylesheet for style! It is less than 300Kb in file size. phpMyAdmin on the other hand has over a thousand files that amounts to over 20Mb in file size.
  • Performs Faster – Adminer delivers a much faster performance than phpMyAdmin. Really, phpMyAdmin just seems sluggish by comparison. No doubt that between 1 file and a 1000, the lesser would perform faster.
  • Simple User Interface – Very easy to navigate. Never get lost again.
  • Database Systems – It supports more types of database including MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, MS SQL and Oracle.
  • Easy Set-Up – No configurations needed. Just add it on any directory on your site then call that path on your browser’s address bar. That’s it!


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  1. Been looking for a decent alternative to phpmyadmin for a very long time. I’m fed up with it, have been for years. It’s sluggish, old fashioned, and over-complicated. I will DEFO check out Adminer. Cheers for the heads up.

  2. If you are interested in alternative theme, check this out:

  3. Thanks, I have installed Adminer on my server and it is working fine. I am getting used to although it looks like very easy to use. However, I encountered a problem. I created a backup of my databases as described at but now I am not able to restore it. Any idea why? I appreciate any help.

    1. The way I would restore a backup with Adminer:

      – On Adminer, click on the DB name.
      – Once inside the DB with the tables showing, click SQL Command.
      – Click Browse then select your backup file (example.sql).
      – Click Execute.